Cosas chulis. Corona de pasta de colores

Una actividad en tres fases:

1° La fase exterimentaciôn:transformar las pasta monocolor en multicolor. Yo he utilizado integral aunque seguro que con pasta blanca se ven mejor los colores. Dividirlos en diferentes botecitos (4 en nuestro caso) y anyadir unas gotas de vinagre y un par de gotas de colorante, removerlas bien y meter en el horno por una decena de minutos a fuego bajo.

2° La fase manualidad y dexteridad: crear la corona; con pasta de fideuà la motricidad fina se agudiza màs, para ninyxs màs pequenyxs, mejor utilizar pasta de macarrones, con agujeros màs grandes.

3° La fase de juego imaginario: horas de juego de una princesa con corona hecha por ella misma.


Week Delights

Roads crossing the woods. Invading the woods. And 3 little bambi crossing the road. I took my camera from my bag but too late, so i took a photo to the sky, it wasn’t a bambi but it was beautiful too. Thank you life.


It rained a lot this week, so we spent most of time indoors. While i’m writing this it’s snowing outside, so today we’ll surely spend the day outdoors.


Sometimes a donut makes a difference. It isn’t a healthy breakfast but it totally makes a difference (and a happy little person).



I found those little christmas treasures at the shop and thought they’re easy to make at home, so here you’ve another clever idea if you love to craft: a little glowing animal with sticks and pinecones coloured with some white here and there, too cute


I’m joining Suzy Mae.

Confetti Leaves

November’s running, running, running, as Beyoncé would say :) I’ve my blog kind of deserted, i just publish some photos and don’t take the time to write some words down. We’re here, but we aren’t. My in-law’s have some houses for rent and one of them’s empty for this month, so we’re living a parallel life in the south of Brussels, doing the same things we do at home (walks, laughs, readings and discovering new places) but displaced. We come home regularly but it’s so, so chaotic in here that this will be the last week with our lives divided between 2 places. I need to rest. That said, we’re loving our 2nd neighborhood, not in real woods but with lots of trees.


Week Delights

In the most windy days people get strange and accidents happen in a greater assiduity. The trees are almost naked and sky looks prettier (not retouched photo!!!)


I love to share with you interesting reads, and this week i read about nanoparticles and their toxicity, altering the DNA and suspected to be carcinogenic. You can type nanoparticles+toxicity in google and you’ll find lots of articles about it. It’s scary because they’re everywhere, in clothing, yogurts, dentifrice, cars,…

Yesterday we went to the swimming pool and they had a very steiner-y autumn-winter table

IMG_4012 IMG_4013

I listened to this song on repeat this week, an amazing version of Amy Winehouse’s Back to Black by belgian Oscar and the Wolf+Tsar B from School is Cool (with a beautiful voice, very close to Björk).

I’m joining Suzy Mae.